* Ting-Jung Chen. You Are the Only One I Care About (whisper)

2022, published by Kunsthalle Wien/ Sternberg Press

ISBN: 978-3-903412-03-3

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This Is A Complex Sentence. Ting-Jung Chen Solo Exhibition


Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

20.8. - 13.11.2022


Schindler House: 100 Years in the Making

present 1:1:2

w. Yela An & Miae Son

MAK center for Arts and Architecture, Los Angeles

28.5. - 25.9.2022


FOAMS: Auralization


LIVE-FOREVER foundation, Taichung, Taiwan

29.7. - 30.11.2022

*〈鄉愁是一面飄揚的旗 — 台灣香港錄像展〉群展

Nostalgia is a Waving Flag: Taiwan and Hong-Kong Video Art Exhibition


Honggah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

13.8. - 9.10.2022



Vienna Art Week

Challenging Orders

18.11 - 27.11. 2022



* Ting-Jung Chen is going to be a part in International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York, in 2023

* Ting-Jung Chen received DAAD Berlin Artist Program 2023

* Ting-Jung Chen received Fine Art Fostering Prize of City of Vienna (Förderungspreis Bildende Kunst Wien)

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