Dislocated Voice


4+1 channel sound installation
12‘35“ in Loop
dimension variable
14 speakers, 1 directional speaker, soundsystem, interface, computer, wood, rasperry-pi, writing robots, internet

"Dislocated Voice" is an interactive sound installation.

It is composed of diverse wind soundscapes in Kinmen and personal sonic memories of Kinmen local people, who suffered the broadcasting sonic warfare in the psychological propaganda war between KMT(Taiwan government in that time) and China during 1953-1992.
I composed the different wind soundscapes/wind pressure into a dynamic sound piece, along with the whistling of "Good Night(晚安曲)". It is a popular song that was played as the last song of the 70s' every day's program from the broadcasting wall from KMT-- a message supposed for China, but had been often blown back to Kinmen and become the lullabies for the local people.

The work is also co-constructed from the perceptual interactions with the viewer's physical presence. The intervention of the audience triggers the movements of three microphones. While the three microphones hover at varying speeds in the venue, they record the sound from the venue and playback them in different time-laybacks through the speakers on the ceiling.

They capture the personal memories and soundscapes in the convoluted path and pass them onward. The fragmented message added up, and through them, a physical feedback noise occurred in the venue, becoming a sonic weapon.

The participants co-created a time cycle in which memory traces are infinitely captured, segregated, and dislocated.

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