You Are the Only One I Care About(whisper)


You Are the Only One I Care About(whisper)

4 channel sound installation

Hot-dip galvanized steelsheet, steel, papier mâché(newspapiers), sound system

Length of sound piece: 08‘35‘‘ (be played in every half hour); 90 x 205 x 555 cm

Vocals: Dan-Ning Wu, Yu-Tien Tseng. Composition support: Rui-Ran Wu

>> Ting-Jung Chen’s audio installation You Are the Only One I Care About (whisper) conveysa vivid impression of a peculiar phenomenon spawned by pro-paganda strategies between thepoles of projection and appropriation: the artist has reimaginedthe enormous “broadcast walls” that both socialist and capitalist countries in East Asia erectedalong their borders to flood their enemy neighbors with slogans and songs from the “better world.” Her sculptural and musical composition prompts wide-ranging reflections on the transformation of modes of the dissemination of ideology specific to a place and time into today’s global commercialized space. <<                                                   

 --Kunsthalle Wien

interview video about this work © David Avazzadeh

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